If you may experience now some pain in your foot, then you need to worry a bit as this could not be very normal and you need to get to know some information about this one or else you are leading to the worst part of the pain or of your condition. If we are walking for a long time, then it is natural that we feel some pain in it and we wanted to take a rest in order to release the stress and the pressure that we feel on our foot but we need to consider this if you are used to walk every day, then this one is not going to be the natural condition that you should be feeling. Others would need a neural therapy in order to feel better and there are some people that they will try harder to look for an alternative way like taking the medicine or even going to some people’s office to know more about the possible ways that they could do to remove the pain and be back to normal condition.  

We can’t blame others when they are trying to use the different ways and methods and this is something that most of the people would do and there is nothing wrong when it comes to this one as we are finding for the best comfort and the one that can give relief as soon as possible. To reduce the so much pain that you are feeling, of course, you can try the older ways and ideas like the medication or the medicine that you can think of that will help to remove the pain and make it numb. Some would also consider the proper ways to exercise their feet and it won’t affect the foot only but also, to the other parts of the body.  

It is not new for many people to go to the pharmacy and ask the person there about the possible pain reliever medicine that they could suggest and it differs from one another according to the level of the pain. They might give you those accepted medication only but if you have a prescription from your doctor, then that would be very nice as they would know which one will work for you best.  

Aside from that, others would try to use some cream as they don’t want to have some negative and side effects to their body when they are taking some other medicine. This one might be very expensive and you need to apply from time to time especially the gel form so that it would be very effective and can give you the relief that you are aiming for. If you are feeling better, then that would be a very good news but it doesn’t mean that you will stop from treating your feet so you really need to continue going to the hospital and see a doctor for the follow up checkups and to ensure that condition of your feet.